Fibrous carbohydrates:

  • Asparagus - 46 Calories/3g Carbs/2g Fat/2g Protein

  • Brussels sprouts - 45 Calories/6g Carbs/0g Fat/2g Protein

  • Hearty black beans - 114 Calories/ 20g Carbs/0g Fat/ 8g Protein

  • Southern style green beans - 59 Calories/ 3g Carbs/4g Fat/1g Protein

  • Broccoli - 40 Calories/3g Carbs/0g Fat/2g Protein

  • Lima Beans - 75 Calories/13g Carbs/0g Fat/4g Protein

Starchy carbohydrates:

  • Mashed sweet potatoes - 120 Calories/18g Carbs/4g Fat/1g Protein

  • Rice - 101 Calories/ 21g Carbs/0g Fat/2g Protein

  • Smashed new potatoes - 62 Calories/13g Carbs/0g Fat/2g Protein

*Keto option and lower carb option refers to substituting cauliflower rice in place of regular rice.

**Keto friendly option refers to the dish having the potential to be keto based on your choice of sides. Choosing fibrous carbohydrates instead of starchy carbohydrates will achieve this.